15 Apr 2014

Tax Planning & Structuring

Tax planning is important for every business to ensure that reliefs are not missed or lost and that tax is not paid unnecessarily.

In the North Sea fiscal regime, with the marginal rate of 40% from 1 January 2016, this is particularly important either in considering acquisitions and disposals or the ongoing structuring of a group’s operations in the UK.

We regularly advise clients on optimal structuring for their groups and review this on a regular basis to take account of current developments.

Where restructuring is carried out we assist with the process, not only advising on the tax issues but also providing assistance with any accounting and company law issues that arise.

Some examples of the type of issues we advise on are as follows:

  • Group tax planning to ensure assets are held in the most appropriate companies
  • Optimisation of the use of group losses
  • Group financing and Treasury
  • Planning for decommissioning
  • PRT planning
  • Structuring before and after acquisitions and disposals