CW Energy LLP

Staff Changes

Ian Hack, Director

We are pleased to announce that Ian Hack, who joined CW Energy in 2012 after a long career with HMRC, has been made a Director of CW Energy LLP. This promotion recognises Ian’s increasingly strong contribution to the business since joining the firm.



Janusz Cetnarowicz, Partner


We are also pleased to announce that Janusz Cetnarowicz, who was a director and founder member of CW Energy Tax Consultants Ltd in 1990 has been appointed a partner of CW Energy LLP with effect from 1 January 2017.




Finally we record that after over 26 years with CW Energy Stewart Norman has retired from the business. Stewart was a founder member and has been an integral part of CW Energy since inception and we wish Stewart and his family a long and happy retirement.

With the changes announced today we believe that CW Energy continues to be in a strong position to offer clients the very best advice and support.